• Free Stickers are All the Rage

    Date Posted: 10/26/2009 | By: Maureen

    Free Stickers?

    Custom labels and stickers that have that kind of appeal are not that common, so what can you do to help your brand be used virally? People love ‘free stuff.’ Have you considered adding an extra sticker to each of your products that your consumers can use to spread the word about your product? Maybe they’ll stick it on their laptop, bumper, wall etc. For a small budget you can get the word out about your product.


    Custom labels and stickers from beer & liquor companies are everywhere. When is the last time you’ve been at the checkout stand buying a bottle of your favorite red that there hasn’t been some freebie sticker? Watch for awhile… people take them! I love it when I get a little something like that, and I usually end up sticking it somewhere. People will do the same with your ‘brand’ if you give them the opportunity to do so.