• Label Printing and Packaging

    Date Posted: 10/12/2009 | By: Maureen

    Working together

    Label printing and packaging design need to work together. You want to make sure that your ideas about your design work in the ‘real’ world in that they are both manufacture-able and drive sales. If your label design is so crazy to produce that you’re going to suffer either from extra time or cost, ask yourself if it’s really worth it. Perhaps you’ve sold yourself on an idea about what your labels need to be that just doesn’t make sense. There’s nothing over the top about Izzy’s design, but it’s a smash hit. Sometimes more is less.


    Label printing concerns are one area to consider. The other is whether your label and packaging ‘speak’ to your consumer. Have you checked out your product on the shelf lately? How does it stack up against competitors when you walk by? Is it noticeable, in a good way? Does it catch your eye, or is it lost in the crowd? If you’re feeling bold, ask another shopper (or three) which product they would choose, based solely on the label, and why.


    Label printing and design questions should be asked early and often. If someone has feedback for you about your label that suggests some changes need to be made, remember that they are not telling you your baby is ugly. They are speaking as the voice of the consumer and/or as an advocate of you and your product who want to help you be successful. Go ahead, ask…