• Graphic Design Tips for Custom Label Printing

    Date Posted: 11/04/2010 | By: Maureen

    Graphic Design Tips

    Don’t let multiple colors scare you

    Suppose you are in the midst of designing your artwork and you want one word to really stand out. Sure you could make it bold, italicized, or even just make it larger; but you are dying to have it be a different color. Then go for it! The beauty is that through our awesome custom digital printing we can do just that no questions asked. Hey, you want to throw a little tiny rainbow in there that has 7 colors in it? No sweat! Look at it this way: there are no consequences for wanting a little extra variety. We’re comically dedicated to making your custom labels and stickers the way you’d like them; so feel free to show customers your true colors!


    Clarity is everything

    It happens occasionally where we get artwork that is usually some flattened .jpeg with so little definition that it starts to look like a checker board. We get great satisfaction out of our label printing, so our initial reaction is that we don’t want to print them… No, because we want to give you the best! You have gone through all the work from coming up with an idea all the way to finding a custom label printer; so why settle for mediocrity? Talk to your graphic designer and be sure to have them give you high resolution artwork, preferably some thing vector based. It makes all the difference in the end, when it comes to getting your own custom labels and stickers.


    Knowing the Materials

    It’s finally time to print your labels, but you don’t know what materials to use! Not know what you want to print them on is fine. In being your custom label printer we are more than happy to help you decide on which materials would work best for your artwork or its application. To break it down you just have to ask yourself a few simple questions…

    First, you have the base material to work with: paper or film. When looks aren’t a deciding factor you can ask yourself; does the label need to be torn, recycled, withstand physical agitation, or meet a regulation of some kind? Then you can move onto a laminate! You don’t need necessarily always need one but if you need to protect from any water or other liquids coming in contact with the label they are usually a great idea! Then again, how the label looks might be your only concern, and we can give suggestions to that as well.  We can even send you actual printed examples, or press proofs, on our different materials so you can see how your custom label looks on them all! All in all, not knowing what materials to use on your custom labels and stickers isn’t any fretting matter, we’ll help you get through it with flying colors!