• Product Shelf Appeal (Entrepreneurs; Part 1)

    Date Posted: 11/27/2013 | By:


    Product Shelf Appeal

    There is absolutely no species we lizards look up to more than human entrepreneurs. We meet with these folks every day of the week, helping them figure out exactly which labels will make their amazing new products stand out in a store.


    Here are some ideas we can pass along to entrepreneurs who want their products to fly off the shelves:


    For product shelf appeal, the packaging or encasing needs to be attractive and very, very simple. When there is a blur of numerous but similar products on a shelf, all screaming for attention, the flashiest label is likely to be the one that, counter-intuitively, screams to the potential buyer the LEAST.


    Case in point- think about seeing a clear glass jar full of plump pears packed in their own juices. The label is as clean and clear as the fruits inside- just a few words, an elegant logo and a label that’s well printed and durable. Those expensive pears are sure to be the ones dropped into lots of local co-op shopping carts because of the simplicity and clarity of the packaging and label.


    Think about product shelf appeal as you are designing your logo and brand identity. Pick unique and even subtle colors and then shades of that color for your logo identity. You want customers to be able to recognize your product in seconds, and choosing the right logo colors makes your product distinctive and ultra grab-able.