• Choice of Colors on Product Labels – Primary Colors

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    Primary Colors

    According to The Marketer’s Guide to Successful Package Design, more than thirty thousand different products are available in stores, and the number continues to grow daily. Your choice of a relevant color to associate with your retail brand could influence purchase decisions dramatically. 73% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, says the Journal of Marketing, and the most attractive packaging frequently wins.

    Each color you choose for your next product package label will evoke a different feeling. Want something deep and moody, say, for a bottle of winter ale? Pick a deep brown or saturated gray/blue combination. And would there be any other color you’d pick for a fiery new hot sauce than red?

    To make it easy for our customers to select the perfect color for their product launch materials, we’ve taken common knowledge about primary colors and put them in one handy dandy reference table.

    Have Fun! Package Perfectly!

    Red Yellow Blue White Black 
    Hot Sunny Trust Innocence Mystery
    Spicy Optimistic Ease Purity Hidden Qualities
    Whet’s the Appetite Bright Calm Cleanliness Power
    Energetic Cheerful Relaxed Simplicity Boldness
    Passionate Hopeful Reliable