• Client Interview: FRIEND IN CHEESES JAM CO/Tabitha Stroup

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    Once in a while, it’s a good idea for a business owner to interview a client. Catch up. Talk business. Find out how your client got to where she is today. What her hopes and dreams are.

    Here’s a recap of an interview we did last week with our client and friend Tabitha Stroup, owner of the hand-crafted jams company “FRIEND IN CHEESES JAM CO”” out of Santa Cruz, California. We caught Tabitha as she had pots of her jams on the stove, but she said she could talk for a bit.


    399028_10151463315885466_490663576_nUs: Tabitha- you are coming up with all sorts of jams and jellies and marmalades and chutneys. Where do you see your business headed?
    Tabitha:It’s ever evolving! We’ve got distribution in 32 states, up and down the east and west coasts. Now we’re targeting the mid-section of the country and trying to keep up with production. We’d like to be in the smaller food specialty stores in more and more locations. You’ll never find us in a Safeway or Piggly-Wiggly!


    Us: You’ve done some amazingly creative things – starting with the naming of your company! And then we’ve seen your apron with a ‘mixtape’ graphic on the front. It says: “We are the sweet jams that rock your senses.” How did you come up with that concept?
    Tabitha:Food engages all the senses. I think music is a great way to heighten any sensory experience. That mixtape graphic encourages recipients to get the full flavor out of life itself.


    Us: Do you consider the labels we make for you a part of the FRIEND IN CHEESES JAM CO experience?
    Tabitha:Without a doubt! My jars of jam are unique. Every one comments on them. I’ve got a premium product and the packaging has to reflect that appeal. And yours do! The weight of the label is impressive, so beautifully put together. It feels multi-layered and like there is a real value to them.

    Plus they stick – boy, those labels never come off.


    Us: How important is customer service to you?
    Tabitha: I think Leapin’ Lizard Labels is phenomenal at customer service. I don’t have to go to some impersonal organization and be put into a mailbox/holding station to get my order or question through.

    golden sage cheese

    With Leapin’ Lizard, it’s personal. We are like-minded principals of each small and growing firm, and I believe you’re always working on the economies and the efficiencies so I can evolve my business right alongside you. I’ve gotten some of the best support possible from Leapin’ Lizard, since I started in business back in 2009.


    Us: Thanks! What about turnaround times with us?
    Tabitha: Your turnaround time is unprecedented! In general you take 5 to 7 days to get labels to us, where most label companies would take 7 to 14 days. That’s a big difference and it allows me to order short runs with confidence. Now that I’m getting more and more orders, this really makes a difference in my operations!

    You know, I think we’ve got great ‘ju-ju’ between us – so much so that I’ve referred other Santa Cruz foodie companies to Lizard!


    Us: Anything left to say before your pots boil over?

    Tabitha: Yup. Todd Boyt is the jam! And you can quote me on that.

    About FRIEND IN CHEESES JAM CO: Meats, cheeses, wines, beer & bourbon, never met a better friend than Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. Local, simple, seasonal.
    Visit www.friendincheeses.com for more yummy information.