• Finding Hidden Sales Opportunities

    Date Posted: 06/26/2014 | By: Courtney

    Find Your Hidden Sales Opportunity

    Have you heard the saying that “your customers tell you what business you are in?” Their demand helps you come up with additional services and products to offer the public. It pays to pay attention here.

    We create custom product labels, so we focus in that niche. But in looking over our client records for the last 3 years, our CEO saw a couple of outliers in the data.

    Schools buy labels too! From elementary school to university level, we get requests for labels. Maybe it’s art supplies or team booster giveaways, but there’s a surprising need we fill from time to time – and from around the country. What other new types of customers come to you – maybe more frequently than you realize?

    Some more customers we are surprised and delighted to see? City governments. Wedding planners. A Propane gas service in Canada.

    With the Internet, the most unlikely customers in the most unlikely places can find your business.

    Don’t assume that a particular category doesn’t fit for you. One propane gas service could spread the word about our labels and we might have a whole newAnonymous businessman with paper bag on his head niche.

    Without a doubt, our real passion is custom product labels and helping entrepreneurs sell their body lotions and wines and beers and health bars to their customers at the point of sale. But from now on, we will be alert to hidden opportunities and watch the trends – because going outside our niche, diversifying – provides us with potential sales growth.

    Of course, don’t go chasing every sort of customer. Some categories will just be an obvious bad fit. And some will be just plain unprofitable. But when you are feeling that the chips are down, and you haven’t had a phone call in days from a prospect, why not go fishing in a different pond? You never know!

    Look over your sales records by customer, see if there’s a trend worth pursuing. And if you do see something that looks significant, start by slowly getting involved in that industry – – on line. Join their groups on LinkedIn, for instance. Learn what you can about your version of the propane gas tank industry and pursue it.