• Try The “No-Label” Look

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    Skinny dipping concept shot showing a bikini on the beach

    Try the No-Label Look, Like this…

    If you’ve ever had the good fortune of being by a secluded body of water late at night then you probably have had the experience I’m going to talk about here: the “no-label” look. On humans, we call it skinny dipping. And if you’ve done it you know how great it can be!

    It turns out that skinny dipping is refreshing not just for humans, though. Products like to go nude too, and show off their natural beauty. But shedding the label completely is inappropriate in public (we all know that!). That’s why we recommend clear labels for certain products to get that “no-label” look while still getting your brand and the other necessary information on the product.

    The no-label look can be achieved other ways. Some companies opt to print directly on the packaging – either through screen-printing or other techniques. This is a great option but only when budgets are high, as it’s quite expensive. Clear labels are a fraction of the price, and if done well they can look just as good.


    Why use clear labels?

    Some products are so vibrant that putting a label over top of them seems sacrilege. Or maybe the color and look of the product are what people care about – instead of the labeling. Products like fresh-squeezed juice, local honey, shea butter, craft beer, and local wine may all benefit from a clear label.

    Products that might fit this bill:


    Bath and body products

    Jams, honey, syrups and spreads

    Beer and wine

    Soaps and body products

    Bottled products of all kinds



    Another reason to go with clear labels is to get that minimalist look and reduce noise on the packaging. Absolut vodka is an example here – imagine if the Absolut logo appeared against a white background! Having a streamlined, minimalist look on the shelf differentiates your product from the competition and gives you a leg up on sales.


    Show Off The Product’s Natural Beauty

    Specialty products, especially in food and cosmetics, are often full of color and texture. In everything from barbeque sauce to moisturizer, it’s the product that counts. Showing it off not only sets you apart on the shelf, but also lets people see exactly how great (yummy,silky, sparkling!) your product really is.

    Could your product benefit from the no-label look? Get in touch with us today and find out!