• Client Interview: Emek Blair of Valimenta

    Date Posted: 05/17/2016 | By: Courtney

    CaptureRecently we sat down to talk with one of our neighbors, Emek Blair of Valimenta. Valimenta specializes in liposomes, liquid herbals, and energy/nutrition drink for athletes. What makes this company stand apart from the rest is the fact that their process is done naturally. It does not use heat, high pressure, or solvents. Because these guys have the expertise, we want to share their story.


    Us: What’s the story behind the business?Dr_Emek_Blair

    Emek: We are a health and nutrition company that fills a specific need for the consumer. The issue with most dietary supplements is that many people don’t see any results. Why is that? It turns out that your body rejects most supplements due to how they are being made, even 80% of Vitamin C is rejected by your body, and it actually stresses your body to eliminate it.

    What we do is copy nature. We create little fat bubbles called liposomes and we put Vitamin C, or any kind of nutrient in there. This allows the nutrition to be absorbed by the body. We make these from sunflower seeds because they are non GMO and vegan. They can’t be organic because they are too highly purified. Our process is very natural and we believe quality needs to be built into the product, so we don’t use heat or synthetic solvents.

    Let’s say you take a fish oil capsule. It’s going to turn into a big bubble in your stomach. Your body is then going to naturally break down this big bubble of oil into smaller bubbles and then even smaller bubbles to tiny little bubbles. Then your body is going to put fats around the oil and at that point your body will absorb it. What we are doing is giving you the tiny bubbles with the fat around it, ready to be absorbed.


    Us: Where did the name of your business come from?

    Emek: Valimenta basically means to nourish, it is a variation on the word aliment which literally means to nourish. It’s not a common word and probably no one has used it in a couple hundred years (laughs), but fundamentally that’s the goal of the company, to nourish people. Athletes and health enthusiasts have to give their body the tools it needs to take care of itself.


    41mXB5l-GNL._SY300_QL70_Us: So you had some big news recently?

    Emek: We fundamentally sell liquids. That’s great for some, but for others it’s inconvenient because you can’t travel with it. It’s bulky and you also have to measure it out with a spoon. So for Vitamin B12 and methyl folic acid we came out with tiny little strips. You take 30 of them and stick them right into your pocket and you are ready to go. It’s the only high bioavailability liposome product available on the market in this form. It’s another avenue.


    Us: What are some obstacles you have faced?

    Emek: It took years of research. But more importantly we have had to make sure we have met all the department of health requirements, the FDA guidelines, the USDA guidelines. It was slow at first but now we are at the point that it is really starting to catch on. Big mainstream companies are recognizing that they need this.


    Us: What are your business partnership like?

    Emek: My main business is really export. Because I am a contract manufacturer, something that is really important to me is that all of my partners don’t compete with one another too much. I have been developing different relationships in different markets. It’s something that is really important to me that I invest in my customers. Our job is to give them the tools and education. All of our information is available to our customers to use.


    Us: It sounds like green practices are important to you

    Emek: Yes, that’s the idea. All of our cleaners and sanitizers are USDA organic. Even though we can’t certify our product as organic, it doesn’t mean that we can’t use the components anyways. They are all biodegradable. We have solar panels and we recycle everything.
    For our product, it takes about a week to a week and a half to clear everything though quality control. 100% is tested when it comes in and before it goes out. We are a highly automated facility and designed for throughput. Everything has a specific purpose. All the equipment has one function and one function only.
    There are only a couple companies that do what I do. What makes us unique is our technology, we are an allergen free and vegetarian facility. We are also the only company in the world that is third party certified for liposome manufacturing.


    Us: What keeps your clients coming back to you?

    Emek: We are very responsive to our clients and we keep open lines of communication. We are very meticulous in making sure that our products are effective and safe and our clients and they know we are going to be straightforward and honest with them about formulations.
    Our head of the company has been in the field for 15 years, which is not very common, and all of our expertise is in-house. We have a lot of legacy knowledge. We own our own technology and although we do have our stock products, but we are also able to do completely customizable formulations. We are able to do small and large batch sizes. Another really important thing is that we have is very transparent labels.
    If somebody is with us, we want to keep them.


    Us: Where can people find your product?Valimenta-300x175

    Emek: You can buy them on our website or on amazon. It’s pretty easy to find us.


    Us: How did you hear about LLL?

    Emek: You guys are right down the street from me and it is really convenient. I like the fact that you do digital printing which is better for the environment. Proofs change over time and because it takes two or three times to get it right, it is nice that you are environmentally conscious. That’s really important. You guys have really good turnaround time. Your labels are also better quality and you use better quality paper than most.


    Us: Anything else you’d like to share?

    Emek: We do liquids, sprays, and powders as well. Everything has to be high bioavailability. Our main concept is that our products are going to perform better than anything else on the market and we are going to do it in a healthy way.
    Our concept is that we are going to work with your body, and give your body a natural way for smooth uptake at high rates. We are going to give you an advantage with processes that your body is already doing. For what we do, we want to work with nature not against it. Our products are support to the body.

    You can check out their website here: http://www.valimenta.com


    Thanks so much!


    Still a little confused on how liposomes work? Check out their video below.