• Get ready for the heat, with these summer labels

    Date Posted: 06/14/2016 | By: Courtney


    Custom Summer Labels

    The heat wave is coming, so it’s time to prepare your summer product custom labels and stickers.

    Make sure that you use the correct materials for your products intended use. If your product is going to be stored outside, you want to make sure that your custom labels and stickers can take the heat and hold up to the elements. You could use a UV laminate in this case. However, most sunscreens and bug repellants, although used outside, are stored inside. For this reason using white BOPP, which is highly water resistant, with a high gloss laminate will give you what you need.

    Now that you have your materials covered, it’s time to think about the information that is going to go onto your product labels.


    Sunscreen Labels

    It’s incredibly important to slather the correct information on your sunscreen label. According to the FDA, the sunscreen labels must include the following information:

    • Brand

    • Broad Spectrum ______SPF

    • Water Resistant for ________ min

    • _______ fluid OZ

    • Drug Facts

    –Active Ingredients



    –Inactive Ingredients

    –Other Information

    –Questions or Comments


    You want to make sure that your label specifies whether it:

    • Prevents skin cancer (broad spectrum with 15 SPF or higher)

    • Prevents premature skin aging and sunburns

    • Just prevents sun burn (not labeled as broad spectrum)


    Bug Repellent

    Companies like Cutter, Repel, OFF!, and Ultrathon have you covered if you are looking for Deet. However, many consumers are looking for Deet-free products because not only can it eat though your outdoor gear, it is simply not healthy for repetitive uses directly on your skin. That’s where your insect repellant product comes in, and the CDC recommends products containing EPA-registered active ingredients.


    Some of the information that can be found on your product label include:

    • Ingredients: Approved biopesticide (active) ingredients are listed as a percentage of the total formula and must be at the top of your label.

    • Warnings

    • Directions

    • Repellency Awareness Graphic. This allows repellant manufacturers to add a graphic that communicates the repellency time of mosquitos and ticks. It identifies: Type of pest & the amount of time the repellant will be effective.


    symbol-descriptionUse these tips for your sunscreen labels and bug repellant labels; here’s to a sunburn and bug-bite free summer! If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us.