• You’ve got the juice, We’ve got the look

    Date Posted: 08/30/2016 | By: Courtney


    Custom e-Juice Labels at your Fingertips

    With every flavor under the sun, the culture of vape and e-Juice is eclectic and full of flavors that will delight your senses. With this ever changing market, Leapin’ Lizard Labels is here to provide you with a quality product and exceptional customer service to meet your needs.

    Getting the look you want!

    First and foremost, quality is key, hence paper is not suggested for e-liquids due to the oils. Your product needs to have a custom label that will stand up to regular use without compromising its look and feel.

    The best and most versatile material to use for your custom e-Juice vape labels is White BOPP, a polypropylene plastic. This material is highly customizable and will protect your label from the oils. This coupled with a gloss or matte laminate will give your e-Juice product the look and feel you need for your product.

    Want to take it up a notch?

    Let’s say you are looking at producing a premium line of products, or you have that one special product you want to stand out on the shelf. We have another option for you!

    Our silver film coupled with either a matte of gloss laminate. This specialized film is also a polypropylene plastic, however it has a silvery finish to make your product pop.

    Want the inside scoop on our top seller?

    You got it! Our best seller for custom e-Juice vape labels is a White BOPP with a gloss laminate.

    We understand that this is an ever-changing market, so we are here to produce the quantities you need, whether its a small batch to a large one. Click here to find out more.