• A truly amazing and inspiring company, Organic Harvest Hands

    Date Posted: 09/16/2016 | By: Courtney

    Diane Kaufman, owner of Organic Harvest Hands, is a true inspiration! After a life changing experience that forced a career change, Organic Harvest Hands was born. Check out the amazing story behind this company!


    Us: Tell us the story behind Organic Harvest Hands


    Diane: Organic Harvest Hands LLC was created after a life changing experience. My name is Diane. I live in Fort Collins, Colorado where I was a practicing dental hygienist. After 28 years of providing care to my dental patients, my career ended abruptly. While driving 80 miles per hour on a Colorado interstate, I was hit head on by a road rage driver going the wrong way.

    After experiencing the negative side effects of multiple pharmaceuticals, I started using medical cannabis. I found out first hand that the sticky, smelly resin from the marijuana plant is extremely hard to remove from your hands. Wide spread complaints among marijuana growers about this problem challenged me to create a healthy organic way to clean the THC marijuana resin from your hands without the need to use soap or water.

    Through trauma, I had to reinvent myself; with love, thought, passion and purpose, Organic Harvest Hands was born.


    Us: What makes your product stand out?

    Diane: No water is needed to remove the resin from your hands when using Organic Harvest Hands. When you rub one drop of Organic Harvest Hands on your hands, the friction causes heat, which in turn breaks down the resin. The THC resin literally rolls off your hands. Simply use a paper towel to wipe away the loose resin particles left behind. This increases skin hydration and the external layers of your hands are moisturized.


    • Organic Harvest Hands is made from the purest complex combination of organic essential oils and infused lavender
    • Our product, Organic Harvest Hands allows cannabis growers, harvesters, and trimmers to be free from wearing gloves that are hot, and uncomfortable to wear.
    • Organic Harvest Hands is organic and does not contain harsh and unhealthy chemicals that trimmers are presently using
    • Organic Harvest Hands does not contain salt, alcohol or solvents that are drying to hands
    • Our 1oz bottle has 100 applications and fits in your pocket for easy travel.


    Us: Your business model was created from your heart, tell us more about that

    Diane: My business model was created from my heart. It Includes: People, Planet, Profit.


    Throughout my life, people in need have always been my passion. I am grateful to get to embrace everyone I meet with equal love and acceptance. Through my business, I am particularly interested in helping women who need a new beginning in their lives. I want to empower women of all ages to follow their heart.
    The planet is for everyone to care for. It should not be debated, argued, or ignored. At Organic Harvest Hands we practice the model of reduce, reuse, recycle. Google is full of information on how to care for our planet. As Corporations and Individuals, we all must do our part. Did you know that all the gloves that are worm by trimmers will still be in the landfill 500 years from now?
    Organic Harvest Hands was not created based on finances. My intentions are to pay my overhead and be a generous boss. I want to contribute and partner with organizations that make a positive impact in people’s lives. For everyone who is near and dear to me personally, Organic Harvest Hands financially supports the LGBT community.


    Us: What is your favorite part of the business?

    Diane: My favorite part of owning Organic Harvest Hands is the interaction I have with the people I get to meet. The cannabis community is an inclusive group of people of all ages, abilities, and education who want to contribute in this growing industry.  I am proud to have a business that is at the forefront in Colorado.


    ohh2Us: What are some of the challenges you have faced since starting Organic Harvest Hands?

    Diane: I have heard it said that if you are lucky enough to live in Colorado, you are lucky enough. I say that if you are lucky enough to live in Larimer County, you are very lucky.  The challenges of starting a new business are many.  New business owners have a great opportunity in Fort Collins to get free help from professionals at the Small Business Development Center. Check out: info@larimersbdc.org. They will help you start a business, grow a business, and sustain a business.  All for free. Don’t make costly mistakes on your own. The professional experienced mentors will walk you through all phases of building a new business.


    Us: What have been some of your greatest successes?

    Diane: I believe my greatest success is having the courage and strength to continue to live after such a horrific accident.  The evening I was ohhtraveling on I-25 and was hit head on by a road rage driver, I was considered the lucky one.  The road rage driver also hit two other drivers head on and killed them at the scene.  I live everyday struggling with a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder that at times incapacitates me. I was in such a dark place; I didn’t think I would ever be able to recover. The day I saw my adult son cry and have such a fearful expression on his face while looking at me, is the day I knew I had to create a life worth living. My career, my family and friends, the person I was, will forever be different.  Starting my business under those circumstances is my success. I am so grateful for my business. The success of Organic Harvest Hands cannot be measured in dollars. The success will be in the lives of people whom I employ and for the people that come into my life that I can help make a better life for.


    Us: What are your hopes and dreams for the future of Organic Harvest Hands?

    Diane: My hopes and dreams for Organic Harvest Hands, is for the cannabis community to embrace my organic hand cleaner as a healthy choice to remove THC resin after trimming cannabis. As a new frontier in the Cannabis industry continues to grow, we must be mindful of using safe and healthy ingredients to protect the tools of our trade – our hands!


    Us: What piece of advice would you give to those who are looking to start their own business?

    Diane: “Don’t be afraid, turn your heavy breath into a joyous exchange of fresh air and renewed ideas.” I wrote this to myself right after I decided to start my business. Starting a new business is scary, but exciting.  All the decisions that you make are yours to celebrate and sometimes yours to beat yourself up with.  Whatever your business is, service or products, you must believe in and have passion for the product.


    Us: How did you come to find Leapin’ Lizard Labels? How has it been working with them?ohh3

    Diane: I found Leapin’ Lizard Labels through a post card I received in the mail. I kept the card because I love their Logo. I was already working with another company when I received my Leapin’ Lizard postcard, but I became frustrated with that company. As a startup company, my account with the other company was too small and I was not a priority.

    When I met Cody McAllister, Creative Jedi, I felt such a sense of relief. He assured me that Organic Harvest Hands is just one of the many startup companies that Leapin’ Lizard Labels design for. I shared with him the label I was using and my new Creative Jedi went to task immediately. His first recommendation was to use a die cut around the leaves to make them more pronounced. When I advised him that I did not think it would be in my budget to do that, I was shocked to learn that it was not an additional cost. Another great thing that he changed was to have a wraparound label in place of the front and back labels I had been using. This was also a cost saving.  With every new idea he had, Cody would email me his ideas along with great graphics that allowed me to visualize his concepts.

    Leapin’ Lizard Labels does more than just product labels. I had stickers printed that really showcase my Logo and when I went to pick them up, I noticed that they also make banners. Once again Cody created my Logo on a banner that I used at an outdoor vendor booth. The vinyl is great quality and I know that it will last a long time.

    I was very fortunate to work with Leapin’ Lizard Labels. I appreciate all the work that they put into my new business. I will be a customer for life.


    Us: Where can customers find your product?

    Diane: Organic Harvest Hands can be purchased through our website: http://organicharvesthands.com and for those that live near Fort Collins, Organic Harvest Hands can be purchased at The Grow Shop: 1711 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525


    Thanks so much Diane!