• STORM Men’s Shop, a Men’s Boutique with a Purpose

    Date Posted: 10/18/2016 | By: Courtney


    We have the pleasure of making custom labels for STORM Men’s Shop. This stylish men’s boutique has an amazing mission behind it, and 100% profits go to Cystinosis research. Find out more about their story, as we had the chance to interview Traci Gendron, owner of STORM Men’s Shop.


    Us: STORM’s Men’s Shop has an incredible mission behind it! Can you explain the story behind the business?

    Traci: My son has a very rare disease called Cystinosis. We felt he needed a purpose and a place to go everyday. We decided on a men’s store to fulfill a need in Fort Collins. We then decided we would donate 100% of our profits. It is a win, win, win.


    img_9851Us: Can you explain what Cystinosis is?

    Traci: Yes, Cystinosis is a genetic metabolic disease that causes an amino acid, cystine, to accumulate in various organs of the body. Cystine crystals accumulate in the kidneys, eyes, liver, muscles, pancreas, brain, and white blood cells. My son has gone through 2 kidney transplants. The first from his dad and then from myself.


    Us: What are your goals for the business?

    Traci: We would like to be successful in our mission to support Cystinosis Research Foundation. We also would like to show the men of Fort Collins some love with beautiful clothing, accessories, and gifts.


    Us: What have been some of STORM’s Men’s Shop’s great successes?

    Traci: Well, we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary. I also am one of the founders of the Downtown Shopping District. We had our first “Fashion for Charity” show just this month. The proceeds went to CRF. We have created a great team of sales associates. I feel blessed to have them.


    Us: What are some challenges you have faced since starting the business?14434924_1654432584868989_2294211162425858903_o

    Traci: Coming out of retirement! Learning how to balance everything again.


    Us: What is your favorite part of running the business?

    Traci: Getting to know our customers! And I really enjoy going to market.


    Us: What piece of advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to start a business?

    Traci: If you have a dream, try to bring it to fruition. Don’t listen to naysayers. Educate yourself and find a mentor. Pray


    Us: How did you hear about Leapin’ Lizard Labels? How has it been working with them?

    Traci: I heard about Leapin’ Lizard Labels from Kat Weiss from Katapult Creative. Working with Leapin Lizards has been seamless and enjoyable.


    11794188_1476255876019995_7534729147002152201_oUs: What types of products does STORM Men’s Shop carry?

    Traci: Apparel along with lounge wear. Shoes, belts, and bags. Grooming products, accessories, and barware. Books and many gift items.


    Us: How can customers find you?

    Traci: Our location is 132 W Mountain Ave. Just off of College Ave. Check out our website stormmensshop.com. You can purchase online as well. And we are on Facebook and Instagram.


    Thanks Traci!