• Cypress SkinCare, Pure Ingredients Handcrafted with Love

    Date Posted: 02/01/2017 | By: Courtney

    Patti Gregory, owner of Cypress SkinCare is probably one of the sweetest women you will ever work with! She has a passion for her work which she wholeheartedly believes in. Made with 100% organic ingredients, each of her products is handcrafted with love. Find out more about these amazing skincare products.


    Us: Tell us the story behind Cypress Skincare

    Patti: I started Cypress SkinCare for my own sensitive skin.  I was using mainstream organic moisturizers and makeup, I still ended up with skin irritation.  I thought to myself, ‘I can do better!’  That started my journey of learning, testing, trial & error until I found the exact mix for my face.  I quickly learned that it worked for most faces. 🙂

    I started with Face Love & branched out from there.


    Us: What products do you offer?


    • Face Love – Cypress
    • Body Love – Lemon
    • Foot Love – Peppermint
    • Hair Love – Orange
    • Pure Love Cleanser – Lemongrass

    Each product has it’s own personal scent from organic essential oils.

    I call the combination of Face Love & the Pure Love Cleanser the Dynamic Duo!

    Products at angle
    Photo by: Sheila Ray


    Us: What makes your product stand out?

    Patti: Cypress SkinCare is 100% organic, affordable luxury.  We are also a handcrafted, small batch boutique line.  We will never be MLM & clients (the Cypress Family) are always able to reach me with questions.

    I have a handful of Reps around the Country, we meet weekly in our virtual offices.  I believe in supporting and empowering women to take the lead with their piece of the biz!

    We also support Cancer patients and survivors.  My mom is a 13 year breast cancer survivor and I have many women in my family that have had it as well.  Each quarter I reach out to find who’s in need, we ship products for those fighting or celebrating.

    One other thing, you will only find beautifully handcrafted items on my site.  We have hand crocheted wash cloths & cleansing rounds that we’re just now marketing.  Made by hand by individuals and small businesses.


    Us: What is your favorite part of running the business?

    Patti: What a great question!!  I am very humbled when I get emails about how much someone loves my products.  I had got an email from a client who told me she had struggled with skin issues her whole life.  Every product she tried resulted in a bad reaction after a couple of weeks.  After 2 weeks using Face Love, she started getting compliments on her skin for the first time in her life!  That still gives me happy tears!

    I’m also a single parent, it’s important for me to be available for my teenage son.


    Us: What are some of the obstacles you have faced since starting Cypress Skincare?

    All products
    Photo by: Sheila Ray

    Patti: Ha!  Labels were my biggest obstacle!

    I also struggled in the beginning with something I think a lot of people struggle with – is it perfect?  Is it ready?  I am now much more comfortable with perfectly imperfect!  You’ll never start if you wait until everything is perfect!


    Us: What have been some of your greatest successes?

    Patti: While most of our sales are online via social media, we are in our first brick & mortar as of January!  And it happens to be a local Laguna Beach store that I love, The Spice Merchant. And I have big plans in this direction.

    Also, hitting my first goal of daily sales.  We’re still new and growing daily!


    Us: What are your hopes and dreams for the future of Cypress Skincare?

    Patti: I set specific monthly goals.  I write them down and cross them off as I go.  My big goals would be to employ great people with a flexible work environment, probably moms.  I worked a lot of years in Corporate America with no wiggle room, and I think that environment adds a lot of unnecessary stress to already crazy busy lives!


    Us: What piece of advice would you give to those who are looking to start their own business?

    Foot Love 4oz
    Photo by: Sheila Ray

    Patti: Just Start!  It’s a huge leap of faith but if you’ve got the drive, it will work!

    Also, get help in the areas where you need it.  I am blessed with very talented friends.  My new labels were designed by a friend.  I had 3 artists try to draw the tree for my logo.  This friend dreamt about the tree, sketched it out when she woke up & it was my exact tree!


    Us: How did you come to find Leapin’ Lizard Labels? How has it been working with them?

    Patti: I think I found you on Instagram and I’m very grateful.  The first labels you did for me were for my Lip Love and I just sent a pdf.  I was never treated like a ‘newbie’ 🙂

    Customer service has been amazing & I’m big on that!


    Us: Where can customers find your product?

    Patti: We are all over social media Daily!  LOL

    Thanks Patti!