We love our customers, and we love it when they share a little love back our way. A small sampling of what our supercalafragilisticexpialadocious clients have to say about us:

Thank you so much for getting the labels to us sooooo quickly. I really appreciate the excellent service!Rosalba Berardi, Piccolo Paradiso
Leapin’ Lizard went above and beyond to get our product labels done in time for our business launch. Casey stayed late, worked hard, stayed in constant touch throughout the process, and despite machine glitches and car problems, we were able to pick up the labels in time to put on our products for the launch of Indigo Blooms Botanicals. And to top it all off, the company and labels are green – that’s important to our company. Kudos to Casey and Leapin’ Lizard!Laura Bergh, Indigo Blooms Botanicals
I just wanted to say…. I’ve found my label place!!! After spending much more than you guys charge at 3 different label places and being disappointed with the color and quality…. you have blown me away with how perfect the labels are! They are actually the color I designed them to be, and they look AWESOME!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be ordering much, much more very soon, as I have a lot of products to label Oh, and the sticky lizard that’s included….. how cool is that!?!? (My 4-year-old thanks you for that 🙂Kimberly Grisham, EcoGlo Minerals
Thank you so much for the labels, perfect, quick, great quality and a super fun sticky lizard that my boyfriend and I played with all evening (thanks) :)! Looking forward to working with you very soon on larger orders. I am just starting up and thanks to you guys, packaging looks very professional and presentable. Have a great rest of the week!Kate Kononov, Katari
I received the labels yesterday and I am 100% pleased. They came out perfect. I can tell you pay attention to detail and do a really nice job! Thanks!!Alyssa Wise Taylor
Mere words do not reflect my gratitude to you. many thanks on the timely arrival of the labels. These are absolutely fantastic! I an surprised you were actually able to print sizes that small. You sure have found a very satisfied customer. Not to mention the turnaround time on your products was way shorter than any other competitor and the prices were almost 200% cheaper. Kindly please let me know if there’s anything else you guys do apart from labels. With your exceptional service and time, we would surely value your service over anyone else. Have a great weekend! Best Regards,Mohammed Wahid Mohiuddin
I just wanted to say that Leapin’ Lizard Labels did a super job on my order! The labels arrived early Friday, which is what we were aiming for, but were ready to wait till Monday. And they look great! You helped me serve my customer when she was really in a bind and it reflects well for me. I also appreciate the samples to keep for records. Thanks again! And the next time that I have labels to print I will definitely think of you, your great service, and your company first! P.S. Your sticky lizard is right on my desk – what a cutie!Jill Darlington- Smith
Thanks! I know that you’re bending over backwards for me, and I really do appreciate it. I look forward to many more opportunities to do business with you, and your lead time and customer service is the best that I have yet to see. I refer you exclusively! I am always running behind and with ten projects going on at once, so thank you!Kyle Anderson, Ham Lake MN
Labels here when I returned a few minutes ago. Good as your word- I have them for the event Friday, so all is well. Thank you so much for getting them done and out to me.They look good, the syrup bottled today, the labels go on in the morning, and good to go. My wife just walked in and lit right up when she saw that lizard crawling across the window glass. Much thanks,Biff Burleigh Wymann
I was nervous about doing business with a company over the internet, but your customer service totally put my mind at ease. Every time I called, one of two answered the phone, and it was always a live person, not some recorded voice. You took the time to address my concerns and every question (I had a lot of them because this was my first time making labels). I was even more impresses that you sent press proofs for FREE! Every other company out there charged $50 for press proofs. I was so excited when my proofs came because they far exceeded my expectations for how great my labels could look. My product looks better than all of the other products on the shelf! I will continue to do business with Leapin’ Lizard Labels because you make label-making fun, easy, and affordable without compromising on customer service or quality. Thank you so much for the great experience! Jackie Houseman, purely nourished
They exceeded my expectations and I’ll be placing another order once we go through these. The photo resolution even held up better than I expected. Thanks again. Great price, fast service. Ryan Lowe I couldn’t be happier with how the labels turned out. They exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. The quality is magnificent, and I’ll definitely be ordering more from you in the future. Your website, customer service and product is much better than one could ask for. Truly, thank you very much and I quite look forward to doing business with you in the future.Justin, T.C. Hazel
Thank you for the beautiful and quick printing of both labels. The gloss was perfect and everyone was blown away. They even held up in the hot, salty Hawaiian ocean. Once again, thank you for everything!Brian & Malia, Native Healing
We got our stickers yesterday. They are perfect. Thanks for the hard work, it was a pleasure working with you. I’ll contact you again when we need more printed. Thanks again! -Christopher, Industrial Systems I was actually going to call you from the farmer’s market yesterday to let you know you’ve nailed it! Not a single white tag and the labels are beautiful. I think you’ve found your groove! John, Horsetooth Hotsauce
They came in the mail today, Todd. They look GREAT!!! They look better than I expected and I am very HAPPY with them. FABULOUS! Thx very much!Mark, Fredmatic
I received the new labels. Perfect. Thanks for sending so quickly and doing the reprint! Thanks again and have a great new year. Matt, Saint Jude
You are the greatest. Thank you so much. I will keep you in mind for any future label projects.Donna, Graphcom Prints
Just wanted to let you know that we received the labels. They look fantastic. Thank you for all your help. I’ll definitely be back to order more labels. Thank you.Sarah, Galus
Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. The client loved the labels and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.Jenifer, Brown Dog Designs
They are excellent! Thank you for the great service and follow up.David, Chuckanut Bay
GREAT!! Thanks so much for the super quick turnaround. Rick, Geotech Environmental