Custom Banners That Grab Attention in Trade Shows, Farmer’s Markets, and More!

banner-jam_565Imagine your table at a show and all the people passing by without even noticing your product. There’s nothing to focus their attention on what you do – it’s just a blur to them. Yikes!

Now imagine you have a colorful vinyl banner hanging right behind you that instantly grabs attention. Prospects won’t pass you by anymore!

Capture9Leapin’ Lizard Labels makes high-quality custom one-sided vinyl banners from 4 feet to 15 feet in length. They are sturdy and durable and they have grommets so you can easily hang them up – and you’ll pay 2/3rd’s of what you’d pay for banner printing at a Kinko’s® or a similar office store.

We specialize in rendering color on printed surfaces – so you can be sure your new banner will be rich and vivid. Just like your custom labels, your custom made banner will have full saturated color, reproduction accuracy, and it’ll be easy to transport; that’s banner printing at it’s finest!

People who have ‘em – love ‘em! Here’s what one client had to say in Facebook right after a recent First Friday event:

Just wanted to let you know that your banner printing make a difference! We posted a pic of our new banner on our FB page Thursday evening. We had an event the next day and during that time, a customer came up to us and said, “I knew I’d find you. I’ve been looking all around, searching for that green banner from your pic!” Love it!

How To Order Our Custom Printed Banners:

  • Shoot us an email over at:
  • Send us your artwork.
  • Let us know the size of your banner and what materials you’d like to use.
  • Finally, tell where you would like grommets in order to hang your banner.

We’ll get back to you with a proof and an invoice!

Affordable and event-making banner printing – shouldn’t you order one just to see what kind of bold splash you can make in the market? Here’s an incentive then:

Take 10% off your first banner printing order. Now we’re talking!
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