Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your custom printed banners cost?

Our banners cost a flat rate of $3.50 / sq. foot.
E.g. 4’ x 2’ banner would be 8 square feet. At the above rate, that banner would cost $28.00.

What materials do you have?

We have a few different options:
• 13oz scrim vinyl: This is our most common material. It is a standard indoor/outdoor material. It is made of a strong nylon mesh covered in a white vinyl. This comes in both a matte finish or a glossy finish.
• 15oz indoor, super smooth matte vinyl: This material is a bit more expensive than the normal material, but the smooth finish makes nice, high-end, indoor printing. This material cannot be hemmed.

Can you add grommets?

Absolutely! On smaller banners we will usually just place the 4 grommets in the corners. As banner size increases we will place grommets every 18” – 24” unless instructed otherwise.

What grommet options do you have?

We offer both a standard brass/gold color grommet as well as a silver color grommet. Both offer the same level of strength, the only difference is the color.

Do you hem the edges?

We like to just hem the sides on our 13oz indoor/outdoor banners. Hemming offers the durability necessary for the corner grommets and makes the banner significantly easier to roll up and store.
No more wrinkly edges!

Are your banners weatherproof?

Ultimately, no banner is 100% weather proof. Ours, however, are highly weather resistant. The inks we use are UV resistant, the vinyl we use is tear resistant; plus, the grommets and hemmed edges add a lot of integrity.

How long do banners last?

The eco-solvent based inks we use are rated to last about 3 years before the color starts fading. The physical lifetime of a banner is a bit trickier to rate. We say you should expect nothing less than a year. All of this depends on proper installation and storage, as well as the intensity of the weather as the banner is used.

What sizes do you offer?

Because we are digital we can actually print a wide variety of sizes? Our only big restriction is that the max height of a banner can only be about 48”-50”.

How many colors can you print?

We can print any number of colors. We use a digital CMYK printer that has a very wide gamut of colors. We’ll print to meet your artwork’s specifications, and we do not charge you for any number of colors!

Can you do metallic inks?

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to print metallic ink on our banners.

How fast can you print banners?

Our normal turnaround time for banners is two to three business days from final approval. Note: Turnaround time may vary depending on demand.

If you have any other questions please contact us at