Besides having a really cool name, a really cool mascot, and really excellent customer service, there are a number of reasons to use Leapin’ Lizard Labels for your custom made stickers and labels.

In a nutshell, the digital custom label printing processes and the devoted team at Leapin’ Lizard Labels will:

  • Save you money in reduced cost per custom made labels and stickers.
  • Save you time in faster label printing turnarounds.
  • Give you better control over your cash flow and your product inventory.
  • Allow you to customize your labels for different audiences.
  • Ease your stress levels over custom sticker and label printing.
  • Give you peace of mind, knowing we’re caring for our environment.

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Our Custom Label and Sticker Printing Equipment

Traditional label printing companies use a flexographic printing process that operates similarly to an offset printing press. These companies provide great products economically in very large quantities, which are fine for products like Tabasco® sauce, which goes through 700,000 labels a day! (Who knew?) But what if you don’t need anywhere NEAR that volume! We work with small batch producers – which means that we can print short label runs quickly and economically.

We can even use variable data printing, which enables us to place barcodes on your labels, change the text or picture on a label, personalize labels, and more, all in the same run. That means a small batch producer can print the labels for her “Fiery Volcano Hot Sauce” and her “Ultra-Fiery Magma Super Hot Sauce” in the same run without us having to change plates or additional setup fees (Our process doesn’t use plates so we don’t charge setup fees. Neat, huh?).

Because we don’t have to make plates and run pages and pages of proofs to get the colors just right, and because our printers are incredibly fast, we can turn jobs around as fast as a lizard can snatch up a fly for breakfast. If you call us and say you have to have a run of custom made stickers or labels to your warehouse by tomorrow, we can typically do it. You don’t have to plan way ahead or wait for weeks. If you need label printing from us now, we can accommodate.

Another reason we’re the custom made stickers and labels choice of penny-pinching companies around the country is that we’re pretty darn economical:
  • We have very low overhead — Lexie the lizard just works for insects, which makes her easy to keep on the payroll.
  • We have a lower capital investment than traditional flexographic printers.
As a result, we have a lower break-even cost than conventional printers, which means we can charge you less for custom label and sticker printing.

Working With Leapin Lizard Bonus: Today’s entrepreneurs love us for our label printing eco-friendliness. And we just love being green! Our custom label and sticker printing processes are oh-so-friendly to the environment.
  • Our business is run using wind-generated electricity, and we’re working toward becoming 100% solar powered.
  • We use water-based inks in our digital label printing process.
  • We don’t have to create plates or films.
  • We use an electronic proofing process.
  • We can use recycled label printing stock upon your request.

Read all about our green-centricity here

All of this makes working with Leapin’ Lizard Labels a win-win-win-win…(you get the idea.)  Give us a call today at 970 484 0850 to find out how we can show you to a new level of customer satisfaction, just by living our own business dreams. . . . and how our custom sticker and label printing can help your business in ways you haven’t even dreamt of.

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