Candle flameYour favorite soy candle that sits by your tub – it’s got a label on the glass, doesn’t it? That candle label sets the stage for the spa-like feeling you’re about to enjoy. And the label has got to stick in the humidity of your steamy bathroom. If it sticks, despite being very close to a flame. . . it’s a good bet that that candle label was made by a quality producer like Leapin’ Lizard Labels.

Candles are a fine art, and in order for them to sell these creative pieces have to catch the attention of the shopper. From candle production to the perfect packaging, the final finishing touches are the labels themselves.


  • Choose the label that is going to stick in all environments.
  • Know the important information that you need to put on your candle label.
  • Work with your designer to customize the size and shape of your candle label for the correct packaging.