Custom Honey Labels

Regardless of where you reside, honey is a hot commodity. Folks can’t get enough of that sweet stuff. That’s why we’re proud to provide labels for honey jars and honey-based products. Whether you’re located near our Fort Collins, Colorado headquarters, or anywhere around the nation, we can provide you with the custom labels that you need for your honey products. We strive to provide the most affordable product labels, a wide variety of options, and unparalleled service.


We work closely with small businesses around the nation. We understand how important the bottom line has become. That’s why we strive to provide cost-effective labeling solutions. We can print in batches, both large and small, ensuring that you pay for the right amount of labels. While other companies print in batches of thousands of labels, we can print the exact desired amount of labels. That means no wasted labels, and no wasted money.

Beyond our versatile print size, we also provide discounts for bulk orders. As your print size rises, our price per label drops. We strive to be competitive, and we do our best to meet the demands of small businesses, growing businesses, and booming business alike.

Diverse Options

No two labels are equal. Which is to say, we can make any number of label variations. From the material you choose, the design of your labels, the size of each sticker, and, of course, the coloring of your labels, you can find the perfect combination to fit the brand of your honey products. When it comes to label materials, you can choose from white BOPP (gloss or matte laminate), silver BOPP (which gives a metallic look), semi-gloss or matte paper (gloss or matte laminate), clear film (which prints bolder, but the material has a slight haze), clear vinyl (a transparent material), and Estate #9 (which has a slight texture and is off-white).

What about design? You can print in the cut and size that you desire; plus, we won’t charge extra for a wild cut or a large design. Our prices remain the same regardless.

As far as color goes, we have a digital CMYK printer that can print every color under the sun. With Leapin’ Lizard Labels, you get the exact coloring you want, the perfect cut, the right size, and the ideal material for your unique application.

Need Graphic Design?

Not sure what you’d like your labels to look like? Don’t sweat it. We can design your labels for you. We have in-house graphic designers who specialize in product label design. We’ll work with you to identify a color scheme, pattern, font, and overall brand that works best for your products and your desires. If you’d like, you can learn more about our custom label graphic designs.

The Leapin’ Lizard Labels Difference

We’re professional label makers. We strive to provide the best labels, the most affordable products, unparalleled designs, and unbeatable customer service. Beyond that, we operate with eco-friendly practices and we’re community-centric. Learn the Leapin’ Lizard Labels difference for yourself! Request a quote or get in touch with us today! We’re here to make your brand stick!